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Foods that support your Immunity and Mood!

Optimize your Health and Mind with food!

UC Davis Health reports the top 5 things that help boost your immunity against Covid by boosting your immunity and boosting your mood.

1. Zinc- found in fish  is important to many enzymes our body needs for proper immune function

2. Vitamin A- like in broccoli, carrots and sweet potato helps with respiratory function and intentional function

3. Vitamin C-  citrus fruits help in the formation of antibodies to fight infections

4. Vitamin  E- neutralizes free radicals, They are found in avocados, nuts and seeds

5. Protein- Certain amino acids found in protein are essential for  immune cells called T-cells. T cells protect the body against pathogens like bacteria and viruses, Meats, poultry, seafood, eggs, beans, nuts and seeds all have lots of protein.

After eating... don't forget to brush and floss! Keep up the healthy habits!

Kari L. Sakurai , D.D.S. Dr. Sakurai is on staff at UCLA Medical Center, St. John's Health, SM-UCLA Orthopedic Hospital, and at LAC+USC as Assistant Adjunct Professor of Clinical Dentistry. With over 25 years of clinical experience and teaching at cutting edge, Universities helps us deliver the evidence-based technology care to our patients.

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