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Oral Cancer Awareness Month

Self Examination is key to early detection of Oral cancer

Lumps, bumps and lymphnodes should be checked by yourself and your dentist regularly. They are the first sign of a potential infection or cancer. Other signs are a sore that doesn't go away or patriotic, white or blue that persists for more than 2 weeks need to be checked.  Cancers can develop on the lips, tongue palate or back of the throat. Inspect yourself with a 6 point check.

1) head and neck check for lumps bumps an dlyphode from in front of the ear down the neck to your collar bone and then up the back behind your ear

2) check your lips, roll them out and feel with two fingers by gently squishing around the lips and inside cheeks.

3) floor of the mouth. Feel with 2 fingers one on top and one below the jaw on the soft part checking for lumps, bumps and lymphnodes.

4) look at your tongue stick it out  check the top the sides and underneath. Feel for lumps, bumps and lymphnodes again. 

5) check the palate feeling for unusual bumps or numb spots

6) say" AHHHH" check out the throat and soft palate for symettrical lift and make sure it's pretty and pink!

Check yourself out and get to know you!

Kari L. Sakurai , D.D.S. Dr. Sakurai is on staff at UCLA Medical Center, St. John's Health, SM-UCLA Orthopedic Hospital, and at LAC+USC as Assistant Adjunct Professor of Clinical Dentistry. With over 25 years of clinical experience and teaching at cutting edge, Universities helps us deliver the evidence-based technology care to our patients.

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