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Post Covid Manifestations

Mask wearing can increase dry mouth and tartar build up.

Increased temperatures in your oral cavity can lead to dry mouth and increase the rate the bacteria multiplies. This means a more acidic environment primed for cavities and dehydration that can increase the amount of tartar building up. We can combat these new situations by simply drinking more water and brushing thoroughly to remove the bacteria before it can cause a problem. If you have any questions ... give us a call we'll be happy to guide you through some dental hacks and other ways to keep you healthy!

Kari L. Sakurai , D.D.S. Dr. Sakurai is on staff at UCLA Medical Center, St. John's Health, SM-UCLA Orthopedic Hospital, and at LAC+USC as Assistant Adjunct Professor of Clinical Dentistry. With over 25 years of clinical experience and teaching at cutting edge, Universities helps us deliver the evidence-based technology care to our patients.

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We know Emergency's happen..

You never know when you will need to reach your dentist. If you need to speak to Dr. Sakurai or Dr. Merchant regarding a dental emergency, you can reach them at their pager 24/7.