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Show off your Summer Whites~

1. Hydrate.

        As the weather gets warmer we lose water by evaporation and a dryer mouth leaves us prone to decay, bad breath, and staining fluids that dry to the tooth surfaces. A sip of water after dark liquids helps wash the stains away and keep you hydrated.

2. Floss with whitening toothpaste between the teeth.

      Leaving whitening toothpaste between the teeth allows the floss to scrub away more stains effectively. This will maintain your smile between cleanings!

3. Wait 30 min before brushing your teeth after acidic drinks like orange juice and coffee!

      Acids can pull away minerals from the surface of the enamel and when you brush you can wear the enamel away. Thinner enamel appears more yellow which is the natural color of the dentin or underneath structure of your tooth.

4. Get a professional dental cleaning every 4-6 months.

     See your dental professional for a thorough cleaning and exam to make sure your oral cavity is healthy and beautiful!



Kari L. Sakurai , D.D.S. Dr. Sakurai is on staff at UCLA Medical Center, St. John's Health, SM-UCLA Orthopedic Hospital, and at LAC+USC as Assistant Adjunct Professor of Clinical Dentistry. With over 25 years of clinical experience and teaching at cutting edge, Universities helps us deliver the evidence-based technology care to our patients.

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